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Positive Vibes (Workshop)

for internationel students

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Tue, 12.12.2023, 14:00 - 17:00

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In the final weeks of a year we like to reflect on what aspects of our lives were positive or negative and we always have both, which is perfectly ok!

We learn from the negatives and their lessons teach us how to improve to be the best version of ourselves. Since an end always brings a fresh and new beginning, we want to take this workshop as an opportunity for you to set the intentions for a happy, healthy and motivated start into 2024.


As the key to a fulfilled and positive way of living, is your own inner attitude and especially your world of thoughts… you have the choice, how you will meet the challenges and opportunities of life and perceive the world around you.


With playful tips and easy-to-use tools, we will experience how you can get to know your inner world and what exactly distinguishes a "positive" from a "negative" attitude towards life, in order for you to be the author of your life at any time. No matter what awaits you.

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